Strat Parrott  Juncture President & Chief Creative Strategist

Strat Parrott
President & Chief Creative Strategist


Collaborators & Friends

We flex. Unlike more traditional agencies that prefer to keep people on staff, we subscribe to a model that enables us to draw upon a much (much!) larger pool of talented subject matter experts from around the country. Because no two clients are alike, we build and manage teams to suit client needs most capably, efficiently and affordably.

RANGE Projects
Fabricators of extraordinary objects and spaces.

Workshop : Architecture

Mark A. Ritch
Ritch Cheesecake Fantasy Illustration
Muralist | Artist

Rob Alderman
PR, Design, Video

Matthew Craig
Shrunken History
Historical Puppet Theater Vignettes. Imagineering, Futurist.

Kannon Keene 
Lighting and Production

Graham Uhelski
Videographer & Director

Matthew Dutton
Visual artist, preparator at the Hunter Museum

Kessler Cuffman
Music Production & Education

Philip Luckey
Communication Generalist

SAGA (Vincent Routhier)
Augmented User Experiences in the Physical World

Daniel Ryan
Web Developer

Greg Higgins

Jason Dunn

Saša Hasanbegović
a storytelling collective

Bill Colrus
Writer | Editor | Content Strategist

Justin Casey
HELM Projects
Lighting Design and Prodution