New Battle Plans On Lookout Mountain: Former Electric Map Becomes Digital Presentation

See Rock City, Inc. announced the reinvention of the Battles for Chattanooga presentation at its museum on Lookout Mountain. While the area’s historical facts have not changed, SRC is proud to partner locally with Juncture, LLC to revitalize the former electric map to a new, digital projection-mapped show. Guests will now be able to visualize Chattanooga's Civil War history as the battles come to life in this digital panoramic display.

"Time increases the gap between historical events and the present,” said SRC CEO Bill Chapin.

“In order to engage current generations, BFC has decided to update the technology used to bring these events to life. Strat Parrott is leading the team at Juncture to make history exciting and relevant to today's historians." 

The renovation involves new multimedia projection mapping with high color saturation, short-throw digital projectors, solid-state media players and 3-D modeling software.

"We have asked Juncture to join us in bringing the BFC museum’s electric map show forward to technology’s cutting edge,” said Will Jackson, senior manager of innovation at SRC. “Our purpose is to better tell what is and has been since the battles in 1863, a great story about Chattanooga and our nation’s cultural heritage. Our goal is to create a one-of-a-kind storytelling experience that uses the latest technology to bring to life the tumultuous battle days of one of our country’s greatest struggles.”

“Most people don’t understand that the five battles that took place here in Chattanooga were about two factions seeking to control a major economic hub with a huge railroad infrastructure,” said Mr. Parrott, founder and CEO of Juncture. “As Chattanooga continues to be talked about as a southern city reinventing itself, we need to remember that our city has been a driving force in the nation’s economy dating back to the 1850s.”

The battles for Chattanooga changed the outcome of the Civil War, sealing the fate of the Confederacy. Located on Lookout Mountain at the entrance to Point Park, BFC is a starting point for a tour of the area's Civil War battle sites. In addition to the new show that highlights the Battle Above the Clouds and Sherman's assault on Missionary Ridge before his historic March to the Sea, guests can also see an excellent relic and weapon collection while perusing the bookstore for well-known works about the Civil War. Nearby, Point Park is also a place of interest as the site of the famous Battle Above the Clouds.

Battles for Chattanooga is at 1110 East Brow Road, Lookout Mountain, and is owned and operated by SRC, Inc. The projected grand re-opening of BFC is scheduled for Memorial Day weekend. For more information, visit